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Links from our TechDays Presentation


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Here are a link collection and some brief information from our TechDays session.

We’ll skip the wannacry part from the post because it’s everywhere anyway except for the fact that patching is extremely important.

Selecting hardware

There is no secret that Microsoft is working hard to reduce the use of passwords. It’s simple, It’s something you know and someone else can find it out.

Windows Hello Requirements
Hardware Security Testability Specification

Managing firmware patches

Firmware also needs patching. You need to be able to deploy firmware patches to your clients which is already in the environment

TPM Recommendations

BitLocker mitigation plan for vulnerability in TPM


UEFI Secure Boot


Security features

Credential guard

Device Guard

Windows Defender Exploit Guard


Attack Surface Reduction

This security feature really harderns the client. Especially when it comes to office applications.
As an example, one of the rules, will stop office applications form starting another process like CMD or powershell using DDE.

PowerShell Example
Set-MpPreference -AttackSurfaceReductionRules_Ids BE9BA2D9-53EA-4CDC-84E5-9B1EEEE46550,D4F940AB-401B-4EFC-AADC-AD5F3C50688A,3B576869-A4EC-4529-8536-B80A7769E899,75668C1F-73B5-4CF0-BB93-3ECF5CB7CC84,D3E037E1-3EB8-44C8-A917-57927947596D,5BEB7EFE-FD9A-4556-801D-275E5FFC04CC,92E97FA1-2EDF-4476-BDD6-9DD0B4DDDC7B -AttackSurfaceReductionRules_Actions Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Enabled,Enabled


Controlled Folder Access

This is the new ransomware protection. It looks great but too soon to call it the silver bullet since you can still to a full disc encryption.
But ransomware’s that encrypt files this is something that has to be configured for your protection. Sec-Labs R&D will dig deeper into this feature.

PowerShell Downgrade Attacks

All new cool security features are being added in PowerShell version 5.0.
AMSI (Antimalware scan interface) – Not that many 3rd party AV vendors are supporting this which is a shame when we look at real world attacks today
Constrained Language Mode – Lock down, no api calls just legacy powershell
System Wide Transcript
Script Block Logging

PowerShell -version 2 and you’re in… (more or less)

PowerShell version 2 is deprecated since Windows 10 1709. When you install .net 3.5 it will be enabled and then you’ll have to disable it.

PowerShell downgrade attacks can be found in the event viewer, ID 400 and then the host version less than 5.0

Oldschool configurations which should already be in place

Local firewall – Enabled!

We always get’s questions about applocker. It is builtin since Windows 7.
Build, evaluate and push a baseline to take control of executions no need for 3rd party here.

Windows Event Forwarding, WEF
When we asked, there were just a few actually using this.
There are lots of documentation on how to deploy this in an enterprise.

Encrypt the harddrives, no excuses here.

DMA Protection

Don’t spend your money here.

LAPS Local Admin Password Solution
Make sure you don’t have the same local admin password on all clients.


Guidelines to secure and lockdown you Internet Browsers

Windows Defender Advanded threat protection (WD ATP)


Built-in Security Stack (Agent-less)

Supported on:
Windows 10 1607 (minimum)
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
X-Plat Support under Investigation

Windows 10 Enterprise E5
Windows 10 Education E5
Microsoft 365 E5 (M365 E5) which includes Windows 10 Enterprise E5


Sysinternals Sysmon is also a great tool to deploy if you can’t use WD ATP for some reasons or just want to see more for yourself.
Should be used with Event Forwarding

Securing Privilege access


Link to slides here