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Attack Simulation Training to be resilient against QR code phishing

QR code has been a hassle in the cyber world since a while back. There are multiple reasons for threat actors to use this method to phish uses and compromise accounts.

One reason is that it is difficult to detect (the MDO research team has done a great job in detecting these, huge kudos to you!) the other reason is that we force the user to move to another device. If they read the email on their monitored laptop, and then scan the QR with the phone it is more difficult to detect, and not all organizations have onboarded their phone to Defender.

Microsoft announced last month about partnership with Fortra’s Terranova Security and have launched two new QR code phishing training modules available in Attack Simulation Training. THis will provide a training email for the end-user which explains the QR code technique

How to launch a simulation with QR code

Go to Defender XDR portal and in the Email & Collaboration you select Attack simulation training

Select Launch a simulation and follow the wizard

Select the How-to Guide

Select payload Teching Guide: How to recognize and report QR phishing messages

Choose your targets

If required, exclude users

Configure your launch details


Don’t forget to follow up your simulations with user awareness training to establish a cyber security culture

Happy Hunting!